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Days of Spring by Zitruseis

Hello there, here I am with my :iconprojectcomment: part of the Comment Tag Game. My Tag was intimacy, so I picked this picture here. Aaaand since you ask...

Calming water by JePixel
by JePixel

First things first: an Awesome Work. Lets start with the proportions: face, head and Body look like a perfect match. Only thing I find ...

Jinx and Miss Fortune cosplay by Kawaielli

A very nice shot of two Ladys in a christmas themed cosplay. the costumes are, classical for the theme, in a "Naughty Santa-Helper" sty...

The girl with black roses by DameTenebra

One seldom sight here, A classic made shot of a lady in black and white. The composition of the picture is great, the vines on the left...



WIP Navi - Hey Listen by UrsusVanDraco
WIP Navi - Hey Listen
This time, I present a little piece I am working on.

This is Navi, that little orb of light with wings that accompany the hero Link in many Legend of Zelda Games

But I wanted to draw her a bit more... bodily. This is still a wip, but I will update the final picture as soon it is finished. I promise ^^

any comments so far?
Nights Guard by UrsusVanDraco
Nights Guard
Now here is the scan.

I worked on some background too, but I got frustrated trying to draw a night-scenery with pencils...

At night at a campfire, guarded by the traveler.

Comments are appreciated
Naga on the rocks
My today's drawing, again a Naga, sitting on a rock this time

Comments are appreciated as ever ;D
Days of Spring by Zitruseis
Hello there, here I am with my :iconprojectcomment: part of the Comment Tag Game. My Tag was intimacy, so I picked this picture here. Aaaand since you asked for a real critique for this, I will give it to you ;)

My first impression: what a cute couple.
You have a fine sense of composition and fine little details, especially in the faces and the shading; hair or hands are have great details too. the flowers around the couple show that it is spring, but the warm clothing shows that it is not that warm yet.
what puzzles me is the left leg of the lady in blue. I understand that her friend has her arm between there, but the direction her left foot is pointing is simply painfull in my opinion.

but besides of that little mistak, it is an awesome work and lovely piece :)

and now it is you turn, to have the tag "portrait" at professorwagstaff s gallerie :)
Due different circumstances, I had a quite sleepless time the last days.

I was at my parent's place this weekend, one day for a photohunt and one day the christening of my nephew.
I had panned to visit an abandone Airfield , but my father told me that they deconstruckted the ruins, so I went for the swamp I was before, and I was lucky ^^
Some Cranes, hares and deers were on their ways at dawn, even a boar crossed my path. I also recorded a view seconds of the singing of the Birds, and now I am thinking about reaktivating my youtube account and upload them there ^^

next Idea for a hunt was the City of Wittstock. During the 30-years war there was a fight against the swedish army, and they have a beautifull museum in that old stronghold. But it happend to be to late that day to get there in time, the museum would be closed allready :(

So I drove to that one out-look-tower that is close to Blumental. This tower is somewhat 36 meters high and presents a beautiful look around the area. And I did something i barely did before: I did a selfie for a deviantID-Shot ^^ so now all of you know what exactly I look like :blushes:
Up there, I saw a red milan circling in the sky, and I got a very lucky capture of him I think :D

Next stop was Horst, a district of Blumental. On the trail up to the lookout I found an information that there is a ruin of an old tower, and my curiosity stroke me :D around that ruin there were some nice spots, as seen in the pictures. And again, I made a little film with an duration of 20 seconds, the Birds were just to nice ^^

What do you think? should I reaktivate the account and upload the files, even when they are that short?
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Lars Konieczny
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Self Artist Stamp by Sanchezfrio

Ich bin recht schnell mit der Kamera, also kriege ich oft zu hören das meine Schnappschüsse gut aussehen. Ob das wahr ist, ist an euch zu entscheiden liebe Besucher

Wenn ihr mal im Raum Leipzig seid und mal Fotos von euch wollt, gebt mir bitte bescheid, ich würde mich freuen :D

Ich glaube ich bin sehr schnell mit den Smileys wenn ich kommentiere, also denkt bitte nicht zu schlecht von mir ^^

Ich bin eher ein Schreiber als ein Zeichner, also auch wenn ich eine sehr starke Vorstellungskraft habe (laut einigen Leuten in meiner Umgebung) kann ich diese Bilder besser mit Worten als mit Bildern zum ausdruck bringen, aber ich arbeite daran ;)

Im Moment übe ich mich am Zeichnen und an meinen Fuerkünsten, also könnt ihr da immer mehr von erwarten ;)

Zum schluss noch: Wenn euch meine Werke gefallen (oder auch nicht), lasst mir bitte einen Komentar mit eurer Meinung da, ich fänd das klasse :D

########## FOR English Visitors ########################

I am quick with a camera, and I get often to hear that my pictures are great snapshots. If that is true, is up to you, my dear visitors, to decide.

If you are close to Leipzig and want a photo-shooting, give me a word, I would be honored :blushes:

Also: If I leave a comment, I guess I am quick with a smiley, so please don't think badly of me ^^

I am a writer, not a drawer, so...
Athough I have a great imagination (according to some people in my enironment) I am better at bringing these images on the paper by writing than by drawing, but I work on the later. So please be patient with me :)

ATM I am training to improve my drawing and fireskills, so you can await more pictures from that direction ;)

and last but not least: If you like some of my arts, please leave a comment to let me know, that would be great :D

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first of all: Thank you for the Invitation :)
I hope that it will be a good decision too, but I need some quiet-Time to read the rules and everything ^^

but how did found me?
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Yes, that is understandable! Take all the time you need, and let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything else! :D

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UrsusVanDraco Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
And I thiought I did not write that much critiques yet ^^
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but you are welcome :D
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